Check out this great article in PME about Federal Regulations shaping new era for boilers and water

Boiler manufacturers continue to watch the calendar because 2021 is fast approaching. In 2016, the Department of Energy finalized new standards for residential boilers, raising the minimum efficiency levels to 86% (up from 84%). The standards will take effect Jan. 15, 2021. The revised national minimum annual fuel utilization efficiency requirements and new maximum standby and off-mode electrical consumption standards in the final rule are: -Gas hot water boilers — 84% AFUE, 9 W (stand-by and off-mode); -Gas steam boilers — 82% AFUE, 8 W (standby and off-mode); -Oil hot water boilers — 86% AFUE, 11 W (stand-by and off-mode); -Oil steam boilers — 85% AFUE, 11 W (standby and off-mode); and -El

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We are proud to introduce the XVERS High Efficiency Fire-Tube Boilers

June 2018


The all-new XVers vertical firetube modulating condensing stainless-steel boiler, in sizes from 855 to 3000 MBTU. The XVers provides eXtreme VERSatility for boiler applications, with cutting-edge control technology. The installer and building owner enjoy broad installation flexibility, easy commissioning, optimum seasonal efficiency, and long-term reliability.  Contact us at Boilersource to learn more!

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