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Energy Efficiency, Performance and Reliability for Your Brewery

The most important elements in the brewing process – after the recipe – are maximizing energy efficiency, equipment reliability and performance.


Today’s brewing operations have become highly automated, using sophisticated manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality of the final product – YOUR BEER.

Hexonic heat exchangers work within those processes to provide temperature and pressure control with maximum efficiency. Both our brazed plate and shell & tube heat exchangers are used throughout the world in industrial and craft brewing applications.

Hexonic Products in Action
About Hexonic

Hexonic is a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers respected around the world for over 30 years. In addition to standard products, Hexonic provides custom heat transfer solutions for the petrochemical, heat, power, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. Hexonic utilizes cutting edge technology and in-house manufacturing to guarantee the highest quality.

Interested in Hexonic for Your Brewery? Contact Boilersource Today!
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