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CERTUSS Steam Generators
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CERTUSS steam generators provide high-quality, high-pressure steam within a very small footprint. CERTUSS generators can produce steam within 5 minutes of a cold startup, and they are very easy to operate using a color touchscreen interface. Complete boiler room systems “on a skid” are available, including heated boiler feed unit, water softener, chemical treatment, blowdown separator, and every other accessory required for a fully functional steam plant – all factory-engineered, assembled, piped, wired, and tested. CERTUSS steam generators are also intrinsically safe, because there is very little water contained in the vessel. Combustion air is preheated through the air-insulated jacket, making CERTUSS steam generators extremely efficient. CERTUSS provides the smallest, fastest, safest, most efficient and easiest way to make steam for your facility or process. Don't forget to ask about utility rebate opportunities.

Columbia Boilers

Columbia Boiler is an American manufacturer, producing steam and hot water boilers since 1936. Their rugged steel MPH series horizontal steel firetube boilers are available in 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water trims in sizes ranging from 5 HP to 150 HP, and are a favorite choice for breweries & distilleries, dry cleaners and food processors. The Columbia CT series

is a vertical high-pressure steam boiler available from 6 HP to 50 HP, for applications where higher steam pressures (up to 250 PSI) are required.

Raypak manufactures a full line of
boilers, water heaters and pool heaters, in atmospheric, near-condensing and fully- condensing designs. With inputs ranging from 75,000 BTU/Hr to 4,000,000 BRU/Hr, Raypak is sure to have a product suited to your heating requirements.

Superior Boiler

Superior Boiler Works, based in Hutchinson, KS, provides engineered energy solutions and is a leader in clean air emissions technology. Since 1917, Superior Boiler has manufactured Scotch Marine and vertical firetube boilers for process steam, hot water and waste heat recovery, boilers for industrial markets and high-efficiency hot water single and dual fuel condensing boilers. They also manufacture a full complement of ancillary boiler room equipment.

Sussman Electric Boilers

Sussman specializes in electric steam and hot water boilers for industrial, commercial and specialized applications. Available in sizes ranging from 3-180 kW with steam outputs from 8-542 PPH at 15 or 100 PSI design pressure, Sussman boilers are an ideal solution when electricity is required as the energy source.


IBC offers boilers and water heaters with next generation thinking for hydronic and domestic water heating.  The products are designed to meet our customers’ needs, giving them greater control over their energy and water consumption, lowering their environmental impact.

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For over 50 years, Oilon has made environmentally friendly energy solutions their top priority. Oilon burners are extremely energy-efficient, utilizing state of the art design and controls to minimize fuel usage. Oilon provides European quality at a very competitive price point.

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Siemens is a world leader in combustion controls, and their products are used on a wide range of equipment. Siemens Combustion Controls provide everything from fully integrated boiler room control systems, to individual components and replacement parts.


Domestic Water Systems


QuantumFlo produces the most advanced, energy-efficient domestic water pressure booster systems available in the industry. Their state-of- the-art control software ensures minimum energy consumption, and allows systems to shut off during low-flow conditions without requiring the use of a hydropneumatic tank. QuantumFlo systems are backed with an industry-leading 5 year warranty. In addition to building a great product, QuantumFlo provides calQflo®, the most comprehensive online booster system sizing and selection software available. Sign up for your free CalQFlo account Here. Contact us for a virtual training session. QuantumFlo Booster systems qualify for utility energy rebates.

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QuikWater direct contact water heaters are up to 99% efficient, gas-fired units are NSF-certified and approved to supply potable water suitable for use as an ingredient in food and beverage manufacturing. Industries from concrete production to commercial laundries to manufacturing appreciate the small footprint and incredible energy efficiency achievable with QuikWater direct-contact water heaters. QuikWater systems qualify for utility energy rebates.

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Domestic Water Systems


Diversified Heat Transfer, Inc.

Diversified Heat Transfer (DHT) engineers and manufactures a variety of heat exchange equipment and systems for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. In addition to producing custom heat exchangers and HVAC coils, DHT also manufactures several types of water-to-water, steam-to-water and steam-to-steam systems used for domestic water, heating and process applications. With over 75 years of experience, DHT can custom design and manufacture heat exchangers for almost any application, right in their New Jersey factory.


HeatSponge boiler economizers increase the efficiency of any boiler system, allowing a conventional boiler
to realize the efficiency of a condensing boiler. They are available for both steam and hot water boilers, in condensing and non-condensing versions. Whether installed as a retrofit or designed into a new application, boiler economizers maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs over the entire lifetime of the system. They’re good for the environment too, reducing fuel usage and emissions. Be sure to visit our case study area, and don’t forget to ask about utility rebate opportunities.

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Maxi-Therm’s patented, innovative concepts have taken vertical flooded heat exchanger design to the next level. Maxi-Therm high-efficiency steam systems provide hydronic heating, clean steam generation and domestic hot water using minimal space and energy. Maxi-Therm systems can eliminate the need for costly pre- and post- ancillary equipment like steam Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) stations, relief valves vented through the roof and Condensate Return Systems with flash tanks. Maxi-Therm systems can be found in leading hospitals, universities and other prestigious facilities throughout the country. Maxi-Therm can provide a 6 to 20% efficiency increase in your steam system. Maxi-Therm systems also reduce the amount of oxygen introduced into the condensate return, resulting in up to 6X less corrosion than conventional systems. Maxi-Therm systems qualify for utility energy rebates.

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Do you need a temporary boiler for added capacity, planned maintenance, or for an unplanned event? We supply high-quality, dependable rental boilers to  industrial and heavy-commercial facilities. Through our relationship with Nationwide Boiler Rental, we have over 100 rental boilers and related equipment in our fleet, our rental inventory is stored, maintained and ready to deploy.  We are strategically positioned to provide reliable rental boiler equipment on a fast-track basis no matter the location.

Ask us about our Free Operations Crisis Planning
visit so we can plan for a businesses’ operational
sustainability before a boiler is needed.

Heat Transfer


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Heat Pumps

Industrial heat pumps – Boosting the energy transition

To combat climate change, we need new ways of producing energy. Oilon’s energy-efficient industrial heat pumps are a tangible solution for reducing emissions. Besides traditional HFC refrigerants, it offers HFO refrigerants with an extremely low or near-zero global warming potential (GWP). Its heat pumps are a flexible solution that can be used for different heating and cooling applications in industrial operations and large properties as well as for district heating and cooling.

Combined heating and cooling – tapping into industrial waste streams

Modern heat pumps allow companies to use waste heat sources which would be otherwise difficult or impossible to use.  The best coefficient of performance can be achieved with combined heating and cooling (CHC). In CHC solutions, a heat pump cools down one part of a process and uses the extracted energy to heat up another part of the process, reducing the need for traditional forms of heating. This arrangement can be used to create a fully carbon-neutral heating and cooling solution.

Robur offers gas-fired absorption chillers and gas-fired absorption heat pumps.  The manufacturers versatility and product line up can service virtually every segment of light commercial chilled water applications, as well as offer alternating heating and cooling and simultaneous operation models.


Hexonic has over 30 years of experience manufacturing heat exchangers. In addition to traditional shell & tube and plate frame heat exchangers, Hexonic offers innovative designs such as their coiled-tube heat exchangers. Custom-designed units are available in addition to a wide range of stocked products.


Niles Steel Tank

Niles Steel Tank, located in Niles, Michigan, is a leading American manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel ASME code pressure vessels and storage tanks. Many tank sizes are available in stock, and they can also custom-manufacturer to customer specifications. Options such as insulation, glass or epoxy lining, and power anodes are also available.


Fabtek is a leading American manufacturer of stainless steel boiler systems, including condensate return units, boiler feed units and custom stainless steel tanks and pumps. They can also custom manufacture complete accessory skids. Fabtek tanks come with a 20 year warranty, and their stainless steel pumps include a 5 year warranty against corrosion of the stainless steel pump components. For solid, reliable systems that provide years of trouble-free operation, choose Fabtek.

Additional Products
Heat-Timer Corporation

Heat-Timer is a leading manufacturer of controls for the HVAC and Plumbing industries. Known for many innovations, Heat- Timer provides a full range of hydronic and steam heating controls, as well as Electronic Thermostatic Valves (ETVs) for domestic hot water systems. They also manufacture a line

of internet-connected controls using wireless sensors for space temperature sensing. From simple cycling controls to sophisticated multi-function controls with BAS compatibility, Heat-Timer has you covered.


Selkirk has been manufacturing chimney and venting systems for over 80 years, making them one of the most well-known leaders in the industry. They make products for use in Category II to IV venting systems, in materials including 304 and 316 stainless steel, as well as AL29-4C.


Madden offers boiler blowdown equipment, flow control, heat recovery systems and boiler blowoff vessels.

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