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Clarity TechPremier BoilerArmor Water Treatment

Boilers can be complicated systems to maintain. It seems easy enough that water is heated and becomes steam, and that steam provides power to do work. For such a seemingly simplistic operation, care and maintenance can be anything but simple. Proper boiler treatment can prevent or correct a multitude of hazardous and costly situations.

  • Corrosion can occur in many key areas of a boiler. It can shorten the life of a boiler, or at the least, increase the costs associated with maintaining a boiler.

  • Scale caused by minerals such as calcium carbonate, calcium silicate and calcium sulfate can form on any boiler surface upon which water comes in contact. Scale deposits can impede heat transfer which results in higher energy costs.

Boiler water treatment to combat corrosion and scale is a key consideration for building owners and maintenance professionals. With proper operation and care, you can extend the life of the boiler and reduce repairs.

Before and After Descaling
Boiler Vents


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Boiler water treatment chemicals provided by BOILERSOURCE use proven chemical combinations in a wide range of Ultra-Concentrate mixtures and delivery form options. The products are transported in a low carbon footprint profile and applied easily on-site with a patented No Touch Dispensing System. You gain all the advantages of a proven water treatment program with all the additional sustainability, safety and mechanical room neatness benefits of liquid concentrate.



Multiple boiler water Internal Treatments in ultra-concentrate form for softened or hard water make-up applications. Packaged in plastic recyclable bottles 1 ga each 1 gal each 2 or 4 to a case.



Multiple all-in-one boiler water treatment products in ultra- concentrate form for softened or hard water make-up application. Packaged in plastic recyclable bottles 1 gal each 2 or 4 to a case.



Multiple proprietary oxygen scavenger boiler water treatment products in ultra- concentrate form. Packaged in plastic recyclable bottles 1 gal each 2 or 4 to a case.




Multiple proprietary boiler water condensate amine combinations in ultra-concentrate form. Packaged in plastic recyclable bottles 1 gal each 2 or 4 to a case.



Total Reducing Agent Control (T.R.A.C.)
is a unique set of formulations in ultra-concentrate form.


T.R.A.C. consists of oxygen scavengers & tenacious magnetite film-forming agents providing a physical barrier

to prevent oxygen corrosion.

Help Your Facility Go Green

Whether you’re looking to become LEED Certified or just looking for ways to make your facility more “Green,” liquid concentrate water treatment chemistry can help.

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Decrease Risk & Liability

Ultra-Concentrate liquid water treatment products provided by BOILERSOURCE use state-of-the-art, proven chemical combinations. The products are transported in a low carbon footprint profile and are applied easily at your site with a patented No Touch dispensing system. You receive all of the benefits of a well-run chemical program, without the hassles of dealing with large volumes of liquids.

Reduce Risk and Liability Concerns

No heavy drums

to move

  • Reduces potential for injury to employees and others.

  • Moving heavy drums can result in injury, leading to costly Worker Compensation Claims.

  • Reduces risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals (ie: corrosives, oxidizers and pesticides) to your employees and customers.


One case (4 gals) of ultra-concentrate chemistry weighs 44 lbs and contains the same amount of active chemicals as a 55-gallon, 500 lb drum.

Drum Barrel

No on-site storage or drum disposal issues

  • Most liquid chemicals are bulky and must be stored in containment areas according to their hazard classification.


  • Many facilities do not have extra space and must resort to storing all chemicals in one containment area.


  • No triple rinsing of empty drums before disposal.


Five cases of BOILERSOURCE Ultra-Concentrate chemistry can sit in the same storage footprint as a 55-gallon drum.

Weight Graph


Potential Spills

  • Spills can occur anywhere – in transit, or at your facility.


  • Many bulk liquid chemicals can be hazardous, damaging to the environment, and have the potential for expensive litigation.


Ultra-Concentrate chemistry is a much safer option.

Boiler Vents



Your Triple Bottom Line

For Your People: Corporate Social Responsibility

  • No dangerous bulk liquid chemicals to spill


  • No overflow requirements because you are not applying water to the units


  • No backflow prevention required! You are not hooked up to a water source


  • No heavy drums to handle


  • No offensive chemical odors


  • No exposure issues with our No Touch Dispenser

For the Planet: Environmental Protection

  • Ultra-concentrate is produced with eco-friendly ingredients


  • 100% use of the product – No triple rinsing of container required


  • Product containers are fully recyclable


  • Our products address potential LEED points


  • Containers enable plastic reduction when compared to other bulk chemical containers


  • The ultra-concentrate form process allows for a significant reduction in the use of dangerous caustic chemicals (NaOH)


Enhancing the Bottom Line


  • Lower product weight –therefore reduced shipping costs


  • No expensive chemical drum disposal issues


  • Minimized space limitations in the mechanical room


  • Reduced energy and water usage


  • Improved system performance


  • No potential dissolution issues of pressure vs. temperature variations typical with solid chemicals

Boilersource TLC 360 Promise

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