Identifying the Optimal Solution

Every building or process has its own heating “personality,” based on size, function, age and a whole host of other details that all make a difference. At Boilersource, we carry a comprehensive lineup of boiler types, technologies and manufacturers so that we can configure an integrated solution that’s ideal for YOUR facility or process.

Initial cost vs total lifecycle costs

With the life expectancy of a typical boiler system averaging 25 years, it can be short-sighted to focus on acquisition cost without considering long-term value. When specifying an integrated boiler plant solution, Boilersource takes into account not just the capital investment, but also the operational costs and potential energy savings of a new system over its lifetime, providing true insight into ROI expectations.

Accuracy you can rely on

No matter your industry, a boiler works as a tool for your day-to-day productivity. The wrong boiler leads to; safety issues, increased downtime, increased fuel costs, premature failure and more. At Boilersource, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide accurate assessments of your facility’s needs. We are committed to going beyond the boilerplate to address all of the factors involved with your specific project. We pick the best product for the application to assure optimal results.

Let our parts department help you identify what part you need

In our parts department, we stock many of the parts needed to support the boiler product lines we represent in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas. If we do not have the part in stock we can order it for you. In most cases, we can have your parts drop-shipped directly to you or your customer.

If you need assistance in identifying the correct part, please contact our parts department at 847-253-1040, provide the boiler model number, burner model number, serial number, and sales order number of your unit. If the part number is available, please provide this information as well.

Download Our Parts Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions
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