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Factory & Industrial Solutions

While Heat-Timer's control products are used as heating and DHW controls in many facilities like factories and warehouses, their systems are so versatile and flexible that they can also provide industrial process control for all kinds of other applications. These include R&D labs, food and beverage manufacturing, or even medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing where Heat-Timer's systems control the use of steam or hot water in various manufacturing processes.

Many boilers used in facilities have been around for a while. For "automation", they employ simple lead/lag pressure switch controllers. These controls could be thought of as the earliest kind of boiler automation. However, they have no anticipatory logic, no timers in their circuits, and no analog outputs. As a result, these boilers are often in a high fire/low fire configuration, with one operating at high fire and the other operating at low fire. This not only places uneven wear and tear on the boilers due to the lack of lead boiler rotation but can allow harmful thermal shock to occur.

Using a Heat-Timer Multi-MOD full modulating boiler control, allows you to modulate each boiler to maintain precise pressure/temperature control. Using only one sensor in the common steam or water header, our system automatically rotates and lead/lags the boilers according to load demand. Furthermore, the system uses proprietary algorithms to anticipate demand, rather than simply reacting to changes in the load. Accurate, anticipatory modulation control is the best treatment you can give a boiler and the Heat-Timer Multi-MOD is designed to deliver exactly that.

All this coupled with alarms with monitoring and control available to you on the internet via your computer, phone, or tablet. This capability works together with you to extend boiler life in both heating and process related applications in your factory, lab, or warehouse.

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