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NEW! - Superior Boiler Skid Packages

A reliable supply of steam and hot water is critical for many systems and processes. Superior Boiler has a reputation for providing dependable custom boiler solutions to ensure efficient steam or hot water production for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial clients. Superior Boiler is now offering custom skid packages, providing you with a complete boiler room solution! These skid packages are designed to meet your process or facility's unique requirements. Superior Boiler skid packages will save space as well as installation time and costs, since less piping & wiring are needed in the field.

Superior Boiler Skid Package with
Two "Ute" Vertical Boilers

Click on the video below for an example of a Superior Boiler Skid Package with two "Ute" Vertical Boilers. This unit comes on three skids, and is assembled quickly in your boiler room.

Interested in a Custom Superior Boiler Skid Package for Your Facility?


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