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Oilon: Finnish Heat Pump Expertise Appraised as the Best in Europe

A building where not a single joule of energy goes unutilized

HELSINKI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Finnish energy technology company Oilon and energy company Helen have won the respected The Heat Pump Award in the DecarBuilding series with their mutually developed heat pump solution. The competition, arranged by the European Heat Pump Association EHPA since 2011, rewards most innovative and energy-efficient heat pump projects on the continent. The award was given in Brussels on Wednesday.

The award was given for an apartment building built in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki, where a new type of heat pump solution was implemented. The heat pump is used to heat and cool down the building. The heat sources are the building’s waste water, the waste heat generated by the refrigerators and cooling systems of a food market located in the building, and geothermal heat. Additionally, when the amount of heat generated exceeds the consumption in the building, it will be supplied into the Helen network as district heat.

– Not a single joule of energy is wasted here, says Oilon Chief Business Officer Martti Kukkola. – Even the energy generated by flushing the toilet is used.

The unique concept, born in partnership between the energy companies, has taken the energy efficiency and environmentalism of new construction projects to another level. It is a result of patient product development efforts done by Oilon in terms of heat pump technology and by Oilon and Helen together in terms of waste heat recovery.

The goal of two-way energy generation and use is to achieve full carbon neutrality in the production of heat and cooling. Heat pumps have a large role to play here.

– Many different means are needed on the road to carbon neutrality and energy independence, among which powerful heat pumps are some of the best, says Kukkola.

An intelligently reacting Oilon ChillHeat pump is the beating heart of the circular economy hybrid solution rewarded on Wednesday in Brussels as well, which is able to operate in different part load and temperature ranges.

– The most innovative aspect is that various heat sources can be utilized at different times of the year together at an optimal and carbon-neutral way, Kukkola explains.

Both Oilon and Helen appreciate the award as a recognition of their partnership and of the extremely topical issue of the development of energy efficiency.

– Investing in technologies that utilize energy efficiency and waste heat is now important than ever, says Senior Vice President Sari Mannonen of Helen’s Solutions and Portfolio Department, expressing gratitude: – This recognition is also another indication of how partnerships between enterprises can create novel innovations and technologies in order to achieve energy independence, Mannonen says.

Oilon Oilon is a family-owned, global energy and environmental technology company, founded in 1961. Oilon specializes in energy and environmental technology with focus on industrial heat pumps and chillers, ground source heat pumps, and burners and combustion systems. Oilon conducts continuous product development to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and create solutions based on renewable energy sources. Oilon has a of €70 million turnover and employs 380 people. The company has production facilities in Finland, the United States and China, as well as sales offices in Brazil and Germany. Furthermore, Oilon runs an international sales network of 70 dealers.

Helen Ltd Helen Ltd helps to make everyday life a little easier for over 550,000 customers in Finland. In addition to heat, cooling and electricity, we offer solutions for regional and renewable energy, smart buildings and electric transport. We are developing a smarter, carbon-neutral energy system that enables everyone to produce, use and save energy with respect for the environment. We aim to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in our energy production by 2030. Let’s join forces and turn the opportunities of a new energy era into reality.


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More information Martti Kukkola, Chief Business Officer +358 400312060

Sari Mannonen, Senior Vice President of the Solutions and Portfolio Department, Helen +358 452651345

Source: BusinessWire


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