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We’re raising the bar, and the entire industry.

We are proud to announce that our partner, Maxi-Therm, has been awarded a patent for their Vertical Flooded Feed Forward (VFFF) Steam Water Heater system!

The new, innovative VFFF Steam Water Heater system is gaining huge attention with its revolutionary technology that produces domestic hot water using constant steam pressure while maintaining a constant condensate level in the heat exchanger at all loads.

By taking the existing feed forward concept, a proven technology that has been around for decades, and adapting it to Maxi-Therm’s celebrated vertical flooded design, they were able to improve its energy efficiency.

Other revolutionary benefits of the system include:

  • 5% energy savings means less steam to do the same job

  • No energy loss caused by flashing condensate (200°F or lower condensate temperature)

  • Full instantaneous steam water heater, keeping ±4°F on variable flow

  • Small footprint (No need for large storage tanks)

  • Can work against some condensate backpressure without condensate pump

  • Affordable double wall construction available

  • No fancy controls required (no electric or pneumatic controls)

  • Connections provided for easy in-place tube cleaning

  • Easy start-up, easy maintenance

The VFFF system is ideal for demanding applications like Clean-In-Place (CIP) hoses and washers or any type of domestic hot water application where the load changes very quickly. It is the perfect solution to prevent legionella bacteria and for industrial applications with drastic load swings like CIP in the food industry. With factories, hospitals, and schools struggling for space, the new Vertical Steam Water Heater can be placed more conveniently in a smaller footprint.

Want to learn more? Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss the VFFF Steam Water Heater system!

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