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OGI and Boilersource to Continue Recent QuikWater® Partnership

January 28, 2021 -- Oil, Gas, and Industrial Process Equipment (OGI), manufacturer of direct contact and water bath heaters and fired process equipment, will continue its recently forged partnership with Illinois-owned Boilersource into 2021. Through the partnership, Boilersource, a single-source sales and solutions organization that provides mechanical room equipment to end-users, will continue making OGI’s QuikWater units available to the commercial and industrial process heat and boiler market in the state of Illinois.

The partnership between OGI and Boilersource was initiated by QuikWater Sales Manager, Landon Nealon, in October 2020 in an effort to generate more brand awareness for QuikWater direct contact water heater systems in Illinois. Ultimately, the partnership was initiated to better facilitate the sale of QuikWater heating units in these areas. Regarding this new partnership, Nealon notes, “Our entire QuikWater team is thrilled to see how well the Boilersource team has already taken on their territory. We’re excited to grow and continue a great partnership with the Boilersource staff.” Nealon joined OGI as QuikWater Sales Manager in April 2020.

Upon executing the partnership, Boilersource secured two QuikWater projects by the end of 2020. Additionally, Boilersource articulated a focused marketing campaign to continue QuikWater sales into 2021. Tricia Fredrick, President & CEO of Boilersource said of QuikWater, “We are excited to add QuikWater to our portfolio of solutions. Our team is committed to going beyond the Boilerplate in recommending the best solution for each setting, and the QuikWater product line is ideal for many of the key industries we serve.”

OGI’s role in the Boilersource partnership took place under the direction of OGI President, Stacey Schmidt. Schmidt, who has been at the helm of OGI since November 2019, supported the partnership and readily welcomed Boilersource as a QuikWater sales representative in 2020. Of the partnership, Schmidt commented, “We are excited to continue our relationship with Boilersource into 2021. They have already shown themselves to be a valuable partner for OGI” Schmidt continues to work directly with Nealon and with Boilersource management to further bolster the relationship between the two companies.

Boilersource will continue offering the QuikWater Flagship, MultiTower, and Hot Shot direct contact water heater systems in select territories. QuikWater commercial water heater systems are designed for use in the food and beverage and food processing industries as well as in concrete production, manufacturing, commercial laundries, commercial car washing, government and aviation, and other applications that require 9-2,300 gm of water at temperatures up to 200 degrees F, on-demand.

About Boilersource

Meilner Mechanical Sales, doing business as Boilersource, is a single-source sales and solutions organization with a firm commitment to providing quality boiler room equipment to mechanical and plumbing contractors. Boilersource serves the Illinois (including all of the Chicagoland area) commercial and industrial boiler market. For more information, visit

About OGI

Oil, Gas, and Industrial Process Equipment (OGI) designs, manufactures, sells, and services QuikWater brand and TERI brand water heating units as well as TotalArc control panels. Created in 1991, OGI Process Equipment consolidates the technology, engineering, and manufacturing services shared between its brands and optimizes its resources to deliver the highest standard of product excellence to the industries it serves. For more information, visit

Both OGI and Boilersource are certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise as woman/women-owned business enterprises.


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