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What are the Benefits of Retrofitting?

As technology has advanced, industrial and commercial boilers have not only become more efficient, they have also decreased in size. That means a new boiler system can save space in addition to saving on fuel costs.

In retrofit applications, reducing a boiler's footprint can have several benefits, such as better serviceability, lower radiation losses, and easier access to the location. Growing businesses can upgrade to larger capacity boilers without increasing the size of the mechanical room.

Replacing a legacy system with a modern, small-footprint plant can free up space for production, storage, or other uses. In some cases, an existing large single boiler can be replaced with multiple smaller, more efficient units, providing better efficiency as well as redundancy. For the smallest possible footprint, Superior's downfire vertical boilers are an excellent solution.

Superior prides themselves on their ability to custom design an efficient boiler system to fit your unique application, within the available space. Whether you want to reclaim square footage from your mechanical room, increase fuel efficiency, or simply replace an existing boiler, Boilersource can guide you to the best solution. Call us today to discuss your boiler room needs!

The Superior Advantage

Reliability & Reputation

Since 1917, Superior Boiler has manufactured some of the most reliable boiler systems in the industry. They have a strong reputation for longevity with systems lasting up to 50 years and more.

Customization & Flexibility

Superior Boiler produces highly customizable systems for any size facility or process. They have the engineering capabilities to provide you with a system tailored to your exact application and available footprint.

TLC 360° Promise

The Boilersource TLC 360° Promise means we are with you through the entire lifecycle of your Superior Boiler system. From concept through implementation and beyond, we will be there to support you.

Industries Served

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