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QuantumFlo Success Stories

QuantumFlo produces the most advanced, energy efficient domestic water pressure booster systems available. Their state-of-the-art control software minimizes energy consumption and costs by reducing the pressure set point during low-flow conditions, and shutting off without raising the set point or requiring a hydropneumatic tank. QuantumFlo systems cost less to operate, qualify for utility rebates, and are backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

QuantumFlo Success Stories

Hyatt Place

Hyatt Place came to QuantumFlo looking for a replacement for their aging, inefficient, unreliable Syncroflo duplex constant speed pump system. After a careful analysis of the system usage and power consumption, a QuantumFlo duplex Prodigy system was selected as the most efficient replacement for the five-story, 126 room hotel.

After installation, a new analysis was performed and the results were astonishing. The total cost of electricity required to operate the booster pump system dropped from $3,080.00 per year to $405.58 - a whopping 86.8% reduction!

Bank of America

The Building Chief at Bank of America's 42-story high rise Tampa office tower approached QuantumFlo for help solving a costly and environmentally unfriendly problem: the existing booster pump system was extremely inefficient and wasted a considerable amount of water to the drain to keep the pumps cool during low-flow operation. They estimated the loss of fresh water alone, coupled with sewer costs, exceeded $2,000.00 per year.

QuantumFlo stepped in and provided a new, state-of-the-art retrofit booster pump system. The building immediately reported electricity savings which totaled over $23,000.00 per year, and not a single drop of precious (expensive) water has been wasted since.

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