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Proven Reliability When It Counts Most

Precision Boilers designs and manufactures complete electric and fuel-fired boiler room packages for healthcare facilities, including options for N+1 redundancy and backup fuel systems.

Healthcare facilities face unique challenges and requirements for their boiler systems. Unlike office buildings that can close if they lose heat due to boiler failure, hospitals must always be able to keep patients warm, equipment sterilized, laundry clean, and the air properly humidified.

An uninterruptible steam supply is imperative for a medical facility to be able to care for their patients. In fact, many are required to maintain 100% N+1 boiler redundancy for complete backup capabilities. This means if one boiler fails, another one is ready to immediately take over the load.

In addition, a backup fuel source must be readily available in case the primary fuel source fails or, in the case of natural gas, is curtailed by the provider. Often, hospitals rely on fuel oil or propane as a backup. Both are expensive options on their own, and then there are the additional costs of trucking them in and storing them.

More and more, healthcare facilities that use natural gas as their primary fuel source are looking for alternatives to using fossil fuels as a backup.

That's where Precisions Boiler comes in.

Precisions Boilers has helped customer realize annual savings of as much as $400,000 as a result of selective fuel-switching to electric as their natural gas alternative.

Benefits of Boiler Replacement

  • Add redundancy

  • Cost-effective fuel-switching

  • Faster response to demand changes

  • Improve efficiency

  • Increase capacity

  • Reduce emissions

  • Save on maintenance costs

  • Better reliability

  • Reduce fuel cost and operating expenses

Types of Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Surgical Centers

  • Research Facilities

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Assisted Living Facilities

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