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Eliminate Downtime - Non Proprietary Parts

Superior Boiler & Non Proprietary Parts

Just like BOILERSOURCE, Superior Boiler believes in "Going Beyond the Boilerplate" when it comes to customer support and replacement parts. Superior Boiler manufactures their boilers with non-proprietary components whenever possible. Unlike other manufacturers that make a living selling high priced proprietary parts, Superior Boiler is focused on what's best for the customer. Superior Boiler keeps a large inventory of the parts to keep your boiler in operation. Many of these parts are also applicable to other boilers as well. Since most parts are non-proprietary, Superior Boiler offers competitive prices, quick ship options and unparalleled customer support. Whether your boiler operation is "mission critical" like a healthcare facility or you just need replacement parts at a fair price, Superior Boiler should be your "go to" supplier. In the Chicagoland area that starts with a call or email to BOILERSOURCE.

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