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“We’re new thinkers in an old industry. We approach each and every project as an opportunity to share our forty years of insight and expertise to do the right thing for our clients. Beyond picking the right equipment for the right application, we’re about relationships. As we look forward to the next forty years of Boilersource, we have formalized our promise of total lifecycle commitment to our customers in what we call TLC360. We go beyond the boilerplate of solutions. We’re in this for long relationships,” shared Tricia Fredrick, President & Chief Executive Officer of Boilersource.

TLC360 is the company’s promise to deliver Total Lifecycle Commitment; quality support- exponentially, at every degree, with no cut corners. At the heart of TLC360 is a process and organizational alignment to delivering superior project understanding and assessment, coupled with a commitment to what it takes to get the job done with unmatched innovation, ingenuity and knowledge of the best of boiler room solutions.

“TLC360 is not a new behavior at Boilersource, it’s how we have always behaved. We felt a need to formalize it for our customers and manufacturer partners. We want them to know how we behave and advocate for our customers and the industry as a whole. We have aligned our entire organization to delivering unmatched experience and professional attention at every state of the boiler system lifecycle,” said Tony Ranallo, Executive Vice President of Engineered Solutions.

“In delivering solutions to our customers and manufacturers, we play a critical role in determining if new equipment is needed, if we are able to retrofit, or determine what needs to be done to extend the life of the system. There are financial models involved with this, and we help our customers figure it all out – and sometimes can get them a system for less than free,” said Dave Bogot, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.


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