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Since 1937, Heat-Timer® Corporation has set the standard for heating control systems in all kinds of buildings, starting with the introduction of the world’s first weather-actuated controls. Decades later, Heat-Timer® Internet Controls with wireless sensors are helping multi-family property owners save big on fuel while providing residents with comfortable levels of heat.



The Genesis Heat-Timer™ Heating Control


The Genesis Heat-Timer™ heating control is extremely cost-effective for single boiler building applications with less than 20 units. It can operate with either steam or hot water heating systems. Unlike other heating controls, both outdoor reset and space sensor temperature feedback regulate boiler firing to achieve that perfect balance between energy savings and resident comfort. Heat-Timer’s self-learning control algorithms will learn and anticipate the unique thermal loss characteristics of your building to provide up to 30% savings on monthly energy costs while improving resident comfort throughout your building. 

Standalone Boiler Controls



For apartments, hotels, and industry. Heat-Timer's most sophisticated self-learning wireless controls.

Light Commercial Controls

Save big on energy expenses in large homes, and 2-3 family apartment buildings.

Motorized Valves

For 2 Way Steam and 3 Way Hot Water (Hydronic) Heating Applications

Internet Based Boiler Controls

The Genesis Heat-Timer™ Heating Control

Save big on energy expenses in small apartment buildings of 20 units or less.

The Platinum Series Heating Control

Save big on energy expenses in small apartment buildings of 20 units or more.

Monitor Accessories 

A wide variety of sensors and system options is a hallmark of all Heat Timer Solutions 

Domestic Hot Water

Electronic Tempering Valve

Our ETV controls efficiently regulate domestic hot water temperatures for all multi-unit buildings.

Electronic Tempering Stations

Want your ETV pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and ready to connect to supply? Heat-Timer's ETS is no fuss installation.



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