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Why Steam? Are there Any Advantages in 2021?

Steam is more efficient than people think. Over the last several years, as building owners have moved to natural gas-fueled condensing boilers, they've became aware of some of the disadvantages of those systems, including the relatively short life cycle of major components, as well as the high maintenance costs. Maxi-Therm has improved and simplified the steam-to-liquid solution to a point where there is only one moving part: a very small condensate control valve. The Maxi-Therm Concept extracts more BTUs per pound of steam, uses high reliability components, eliminates flash losses, reduces corrosion, and provides a longer life cycle. This elegant simplicity makes steam far more cost-effective than people think.

But are there any advantages to steam in 2021 and beyond? Maxi-Therm's Closed Loop Concept cuts down on installation costs, making the switch from your old system less expensive. Maxi-Therm systems also take up less space than traditional solutions, and they require far less maintenance - all while reducing energy consumption up to 16%. Clearly there are many advantages to using steam!

Still Unsure about Steam?

Boilersource is with you Every Step of the Way.

Steam has experienced a resurgence in the past decade and getting into steam can be an intimidating prospect. Boilersource's TLC 360° Promise means that we will be with you every step of the way, from application and design, through startup, warranty, and training. We make sure steam is right for you, and we make sure you choose the right equipment for steam...


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