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We Voted, And the Winner Is…

The World’s Cleanest,

Greenest Direct-Contact Water Heating Systems

Boilersource is proud to be representing QuikWater® direct-contact water heating systems, because this technology is quickly changing the way industries heat water for use in industrial and commercial applications such as food and poultry processing, commercial laundries, dairies, concrete production, glass, textiles, car washing, beverage industries, government, aviation and schools.


QuikWater systems deliver pure, potable, hot water on demand with 99% energy efficiency, cutting energy costs by up to half, and helping businesses operate in an eco-friendly manner.

QuikWater gets our vote! We’d love to tell you more!

To learn more about QuikWater, please download the product brochure, and/or Contact Us and we’ll show you how these direct-contact systems add up to bottom-line value for organizations.

Also, be on the look-out for additional emails this month as we share more features and benefits of QuikWater systems.


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