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We've Got the Parts, We've Got the Know How

In our parts department, we stock many of the parts needed to support the boiler product lines we represent in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas. If we do not have the part in stock, we can order it for you! In most cases, we can have your parts drop-shipped directly to you or your customer.

Need Assistance in Identifying the Correct Part?

Contact Boilersource Today!

We understand how expensive a $2 part can be, when your technician doesn’t have it on site when he needs it... Our custom kitting services ensure that your people spend their time where it counts – working on equipment – NOT making extra trips to the supply house! Ask us about our annual maintenance kits, and stop worrying about having the right parts.

Do you have mission-critical equipment? If zero downtime is a requirement, our customized critical part kits are your insurance policy. We can provide common parts as well as long lead time or out-of- production items, so that you have what you need on-site, immediately when an emergency happens.

We can also train and assist your staff to make sure routine maintenance tasks are taken care of, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

It’s just another way we’re the biggest part of the solution!

Ask us about our Branded Service Starter Kits!


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