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From Conventional to Condensing Efficiencies

HeatSponge Economizers for Conventional Boiler Systems

With the increasing cost of fuel and the growing economic demand for green energy, finding effective ways to reduce energy usage is critical. One of the most cost-effective ways to lower your energy consumption is by adding an economizer to your conventional boiler system to recover otherwise wasted heat energy. Many boiler applications can benefit from additional heat recovery including district heating systems, manufacturing facilities, greenhouses, food processing plants, hospitals, and universities. Units are also available for smaller facilities such as schools, churches, condominiums, breweries, and distilleries.

HeatSponge economizers are made with corrosion resistant materials including stainless steel, and each unit is custom engineered for your specific application. HeatSponge economizers can be easily retrofitted to your existing system and can be utilized on steam and hot water boilers to heat process or potable water streams to achieve condensing and recapture the maximum amount of waste energy.

The Benefits of Retrofitting a Conventional Boiler:

- Reduces overall fuel consumption

- Reduces your carbon footprint

- Increases non-condensing system efficiency up to 10%

- Extends the life of your boiler system

- Improves boiler performance and output

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