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Removing scale with RYDLYME helps prevent bacteria!

Eliminating scale is essential to controlling bacteria and Legionella. RYDLYME industrial descaler can simply be added to the basin of a cooling tower and circulated throughout the system to provide a comprehensive descaling from the tower's fill to the chiller units.

This can be performed online without a shutdown! Unlike pressure washing, RYDLYME will NOT damage the fill and dissolves scale deep within the fill where channeling occurs. Significant cost and labor savings can be felt when compared to a traditional fill replacement. RYDLYME saves energy and restores original operating efficiency.

RYDLYME is the only product of its kind that is truly non-toxic and non-harzardous. RYDLYME industrial descaler has been used for more than 75 years to safely and efficiently dissolve tough mineral deposits, such as water scale, lime scale, calcium, rust and even struvite. Fortified with a complex formula of wetting and penetrating agents that dissolve mineral deposits into solution for quick and easy disposal

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