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Extreme Cold Can Expose Problems With Your Boiler Systems

When the temperature outside drops to extremes, there are several common issues that can develop in your boiler room (and outside too!).

Boilers and other fuel-burning equipment require fresh outside air for proper combustion. During sub-zero weather, the air that is drawn into your mechanical room can freeze piping, including water lines, steam condensate return lines and condensate drain lines. It is imperative to ensure that your boiler room is properly heated, and any piping that may be exposed to the cold air must be protected to prevent freezing. Insulation and/or heat tracing are common solutions.

You may also notice that your boiler runs constantly during cold weather. If it runs continuously, but your building is not able to maintain the desired temperature, your boiler may require maintenance, or it may be undersized and unable to keep up with the load. Many facilities have backup equipment that’s needed during extreme conditions – it’s very important that this equipment be properly maintained so it’s ready to go when necessary.

Other issues that can occur during extreme winter weather are:

  • Fresh air intakes clogged with snow

  • Exhaust flue pipes blocked with ice from freezing water vapor (this can be corrected by redesigning the flue termination)

  • Frozen gas regulators and/or meters preventing proper gas flow to equipment

  • The list of possible issues is virtually endless…

Boilersource is ready to assist during cold winter weather, with parts, replacement equipment, and the engineering know-how you need to prevent future problems. Call us at 847-253-1040, or visit our website at

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