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Here at Boilersource, we always go Beyond the Boilerplate. Did you know we also go beyond replacement parts? We are the trusted exclusive parts supplier for leading mechanical and boiler system suppliers.  So, packaged with each and every replacement part from Boilersource comes over 40 years of knowledge and custom solutions to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

Our team of seasoned, factory trained sales specialists and technicians ask all the right questions to thoroughly assess your specific requirements and develop a comprehensive parts solution based on the size, function, age and other specifics to your system.  

We weigh every option, and determine whether repair of your system or a full replacement is the optimal resolution. 

We dig deep and conduct a root cause investigation. Through diagnostic testing and trouble shooting with local experts, we get to the bottom of all issues.  Our commitment to our TLC360° promise continues with contractor support and training on the latest mechanical and boiler system innovations. We’re with you every stage of the boiler system lifecycle - many questions asked. 

Factory approved parts when and where you need them

Avoid emergency downtime with custom kitting services of common and critical parts

Branded service starter kits for contractors

Exclusive parts supplier for leading manufacturers

40 years of knowledge packaged with every parts solution

Another way we go beyond the boilerplate, is through our kitting services. We kit multiple parts from a variety of industry leading suppliers to get your boiler up and running at optimal capacity. Whether it’s a common part, or a hard to find part, we not only have it, but we also have the expertise to solve all mechanical situations from the most difficult to the ordinary. 

Avoid emergency downtime with a critical customized part kit. Keep one on site, and always be prepared. We’ll not only custom kit the right parts for your system but, we even offer routine maintenance services that extend the life of your boiler, and sustain the superior day-to-day productivity of your Boilersource systems. Just another way we’re the biggest part of the solution. 

Ask us about our Branded Service Starter Kits for Contractors

Our factory trained support staff is at your disposal and since we always have the latest information, here are a few ways we can assist:

Perform on-site training for your techs

Assist with gas supplier rebates

Re-commission to factory specs

Increase reliability of mechanical systems

Eliminate costly intermittent issues

Identify and suggest new ideas or products

Quote you directly with your TLC360˚ discount rate on parts and equipment

Trust Us To Retrofit An Existing System To Keep It Running Smoothly


Although reliable for many decades, over time boiler systems may begin to operate less efficiently. Here at Boilersource, we have all the right industry leading suppliers, parts, and over 40 years of knowledge to offer custom solutions to ensure that your boiler system is always functioning at peak efficiency and earns important and valuable utility incentives and rebates. The specialists at Boilersource use their expertise to evaluate many factors to determine if a replacement or retrofit is necessary. We can masterfully retrofit your system to increase overall efficiency and increase function due to newer advancements and design improvements in the mechanical and boiler system industries. The most common modifications and upgrades include: retrofit boilers, burners, pressure booster systems, steam motor generators, heat exchangers, clean steam generators, economizers, and water heaters.

Often, it is easy to recoup the cost of a retrofit through lowered operating expenses and other advantages. The addition of the right technology and more modern components will ensure that your boiler system will remain in operation for its full lifespan, and will significantly reduce operational costs in the process.

A retrofit offers a wide range of benefits:

Energy savings - as much as 10-12%

Cost savings - retrofit can quickly and easily pay for itself

Enhanced function - improve quality of overall output

Less pollution - healthier environment is a benefit for all

Our Solutions Are Simple, Safe and Reliable Because They're Sold.


At Boilersource, we use the most advanced technology and chemistry to control corrosion, scale and microbial growth in water systems. Our solid water treatment is safe to handle, in addition to being eco-friendly and costeffective. Just one Boilersource treatment generates results equivalent to four 11-pound drum containers of liquid chemicals. We always offer custom solutions that are specific to the demands of your mechanical system.

Water treatment is an integral part of a sound boiler maintenance plan, and it’s especially true for new technology systems that use less water or recycled materials. It’s necessary to ensure an efficient process and quality steam generation. At Boilersource, we have customized water treatment plans that will help your facility avoid costly plant downtime, expensive maintenance fees, and boiler failure. One solution doesn’t fit all, but our expertise sure does.

Our factory trained technicians inspect every phase of your boiler operation so that your system maintains peak boiler efficiency to keep energy costs at their lowest. A proper water treatment plan keeps heat transfer surfaces free from scale and deposition, and inhibits corrosion. This is especially crucial to facilities where a continuous, dependable and economical supply of high quality steam is maintained. It’s never too late to get Boilersource on board with a custom water treatment plan. Even if you didn’t follow a maintenance program, Boilersource can develop and execute a specialized scale elimination plan that will get your system to back to being totally solid. Here we go again, at Boilersource, we go beyond the boilerplate.

Water Treatment Facts:

There's no risk of liquid spill or splashing with Boilersource solid solutions

Any amount of scale is harmful to the performance and life of systems

Lake Michigan water isn't problem free - it's full of corrosion inducing minerals

Boilersource solid solutions reduce bio-hazards, operating costs and dangers

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